#awkwardsituations jun18.13

Yoga Morning

The morning started out wonderfully. I did my favorite yoga DVD and was able to do the beginning warm up routine and one sun salutation.  For those of you who don’t know, I went through hip replacement surgery in early February (painful arthritis).  I am healing beautifully, and managing a yoga routine is the next step in my recovery.  So woohoo me!

Next on my agenda was to swing by the grocery store for a few healthy items (what can I say I’m on a health kick after my blog about change and chin hairs).

So off I go…  I’m dressed for summer and have these loose linen capris on. As I walk into the store, I feel something funny on the back of my left butt and thigh…. What the heck?  Oh no… it couldn’t be…  there was a pair of bunched up undies in my pants!

Just as I realized what they were, one of the managers very kindly greeted me with a smile and hello. I hope I smiled back as I hurried by (hand nonchalantly on my behind), but I was totally distracted trying to figure out if I should take them out in a quiet aisle or hope they didn’t fall out while was there. I thought about store cameras and decided not to give them a show that might end up on YouTube, so I crossed my fingers and kept shopping (moving slowwwwly).

Safely back to the car...

Safely back to the car…

You’ll be happy to know that I made it through the store, finished my shopping, and made it back to my car.  The offending panties were quickly extracted with a wiggle in the privacy of my Trailblazer and stayed innocently on the seat next to me for the rest of my errands. Disaster averted, and a great story to text to my bff. 😉


Note to self: always check your pants for foreign objects when you get dressed…

4 thoughts on “#awkwardsituations jun18.13

  1. Meghan Post author

    I think yours wins the prize! And I’m glad to know I’m not the only person with wardrobe malfunctions… 😉

  2. Laura

    Oh geez! hahaha
    Reminds me of the time I walked around a major mall with the hem of my skirt caught in the back of my underwear. Upon entering one clothing store almost a full hour since I had been to the bathroom, a few of the sale associates had a little fight over who would be the one to tell me. hahahaha So embarrassing!

  3. tim

    sure!…..”innocently on the seat next to me”….nothing innocent about those panties!

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