(Almost) Wordless Wednesday: Buttercup Droplets

Buttercup DropletsI’ve had a very busy life these past few weeks.  I began a full-time job after being retired for a year and a half.  Talk about a schedule change!  Here I was blissfully creating my artwork, writing two blogs, posting on Instagram, keeping up with artist friends and blogger buddies… And then boom… I’m so exhausted by the end of the day there’s no way I can keep up with that kind of activity!

However, the job is only temporary, and with any luck my next temp job will be only part-time, we’ll see. (I REALLY want to add to our retirement fund for the day my hubby retires in another year and a half.)

But guess what?  I spent last evening creating some digital art!  I’m so excited.  This was a photo I took in Idaho this past July and I did some digital magic with textures and came up with this sweet buttercup.

As always I’d love to hear your comments on this post or any part of my blog.  See you next week with more Wordless Wednesday (which might actually be wordless lol)!!!!


6 thoughts on “(Almost) Wordless Wednesday: Buttercup Droplets

  1. Sally

    A quick note to let you know that there will not be a challenge next Monday due to the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday. Hope to see you on 02 December for the next challenge: Nature. Have a glorious and relaxing Thanksgiving.

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