Hello my friends, Jack Cat here with a new Saturday Caturday feature all about me, me, me and me.
Tuxedo Jack

Those of you who have followed my adventures know me as Tuxedo Jack. Some of you have even been introduced to a few of my other personae. In this Saturday Caturday feature I’ll be coming to you each week with cat thoughts in one of my guises. Today I’d like to revisit some of my 9 names, so you will come back next week to see which Jack will host Caturday with Jack, Cat of 9 Names. (I have included links to posts with each name but you certainly do not need to follow them unless you are as curious as a cat.)

I introduced my persona of Journalist Jack on October 27, 2013 with the blog Two Cats and a Cattledog (here).

I have a lot of help from Tuxedo Jack. Here he's teaching me how to learn to blog through osmosis.
Journalist Jack, blogging by osmosis.

On October 30, 2013 I turned my attention to the stock market and introduced Markat Analyst Jack (here).

Markat Analyst Jack

On November 2nd I just had to start commenting on the entertainment scene… it is so ripe with ridiculousness. Hollywood Jack was born. And in February I introduced a new format to my Celebrity Saturday column utilizing a comic book look (here).

Hollywood Jack
Hollywood Jack

I became inspired by the crazy Christmas season. You know, that time when humans pile material objects under a cat tree Christmas tree. I decided it was time to “branch out” (pun intended) and do some merchandising. On December 24, 2013 I became Catrepreneur Jack (here). Not only am I the driving force behind our new product line on Zazzle (here), but I’m also Buffy’s literary agent working on a cat haiku book deal.

Catrepreneur Jack and agent extraordinaire.
Catrepreneur Jack and agent extraordinaire.

I fancy myself a Renaissance cat so it was only natural that I explore my creative side and I tried my paw at writing haiku. Voila… Poet-Cat Jack (here).

Poet-Cat Jack

Since I was exploring my artistic side Comedi-cat Jack made his appearance. I am well on my way to Emmy fame. The Legendary Comedi-cat Jack is now the most viewed post on Firebonnet.com.

Comedi-cat Jack... most viewed post here!
Comedi-cat Jack… most viewed post here!

I bet you counted my names and you see only 8, ahhh… suspense. Next Caturday I will unveil my new 9th persona. Here is a hint, look for a mustache.

Thank you for reading today and stay tuned for Caturday with Jack, Cat of 9 Names.

~Tuxedo Jack… et al~


7 thoughts on “A New Caturday Feature with Jack, Cat of 9 Names”

  1. Yes, the animals do have personality! That’s why they originally had their own blog. But, handling more than one blog was just too much for me. I don’t know how you do it! Phew!

  2. Thank you very much Cupcake. Mom is hoping I’m not going to have more than 9 names, but you never know… I am a cat after all.

  3. Thank you very much Jenna. Pretty much everything goes with black and white, and of course the Tux is what makes me so sophisticated. ~Jack (but I do wear glasses well)

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