From the Back of a Motorcycle #2: Mist Kissed Surf

On one of our motorcycle rides through the Southern California hills, and past the Pacific surf, I composed this piece of poetry.

This is the second post in a series featuring one of my photos taken from the back of our Honda Sabre Shadow, paired with words I wrote while on a ride with my husband.


So Cal From the Back of a Moving Motorcycle, ©Meghan aka FireBonnet, taken with an iPhone4

Horses grazing in pastoral paddocks,

A red hawk a reach away above us,

And seabirds grandly gliding over mist kissed surf…

~ Beheld from the back of a motorcycle, winter 2012~


My short poetry began as tweets and so I was limited in characters. Now I choose to keep them short and sweet with a few strong impressions from that ride. Although I am including one of the images from a ride in each post, it is not necessarily from the same motorcycle ride as the words.

As always I welcome your comments on this or any other part of my blog. And stay tuned for more!


I’m working on a badge for this series. I didn’t like either of the ones I showed last week, so went back to the drawing app. I’m pretty happy with this new one… it even features the surf from this post’s photo. Tell me what you think!


15 thoughts on “From the Back of a Motorcycle #2: Mist Kissed Surf

  1. sue obryan

    Very pretty and I like the alliteration Mist Kissed Surf! I also like the new aesthetic you have going on with the sliding/movement when going back and forth between different areas of your blog. What is that called anyway? Nice work.

  2. Meghan Post author

    Thank you so much Y! It is a memory challenge. When I see, feel or hear something, I compose a phrase in my mind and then repeat it for a bit until the next one happens. Then I do the same on and off… repeating in my head the two phrases, until the next. Then I have to keep them in my head when we stop for lunch unless I actually remember to jot them down on my phone. I suppose it’s really good for my brain to do that. I used to be able to memorize lines for a play really easily. I probably couldn’t do it that easily now! lol

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