What happened this week between 3-4 am at my house? Four out of seven nights I was visited by a warm embrace… wink!

This week in the 1 Day 1 World Project hosted by Lisa at Northwest Frame of Mind I’m giving you a glimpse into my personal world between 3-4 am (you can find hours noon-3 am here).

hot flash7

Yep, you got it… 3-4 am for me is about hot flashes.

hot flash5

I admit however that I really only have one a night that is strong enough to wake me up. And it just so happens to be around the 3-4 am hour. See? here’s the proof… I grabbed my phone to record them…

hot flash2

All bets are off though if I’ve had any alcohol… or spicy food close to bedtime… or hot, warming drinks like ginger tea… Then I’m likely to wake up much more often to fling off my sheets!!!!

hot flash4

I must admit, the fun of drinking at night has waned…

hot flash6
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How about you? Do you have any “hot” sleep stories? 😉

hot flash8

As always I am so pleased that you visited. Your comments warm my heart and put a smile in my day. :D Come back next week when I share what I did in my day between 4 and 5 am…  it’ll be a surprise for both of us!

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20 thoughts on “1 Day 1 World Project: 3-4 am – When You’re Hot You’re Hot”

  1. Oh yikes I ‘think’ I deleted my spam I was getting so much spam on living in east sheen that I think I went through and emptied all folders. I will docile check when I get up I totally totally forgot 🙁 x

  2. Yuck that your meds cause it! You’re too young for hot flashes. As long as I keep my eating along healthy lines, and don’t drink, the hot flashes are really minor. woohoo!

  3. I do too! I love the open window and when it’s warm a fan. Snuggling under blankets in the winter in a cold room is wonderful!

  4. Hahaha… this made me laugh. I know these things only too well, though fortunately I appear to be almost over them now (no one told me that the Menopause lasts SO long!!)
    Love the cartoons 😀
    Such a great post for this time in the challenge. Quick thinking there Meghan.
    Jude xx

  5. I had those and thought I was going through the change and had a blood test. Apparently not so I think it’s the medication that does it either way might time hot flushes are horrible feel for you x

  6. Tim had to put on an extra blanket last night because the fan was blowing directly on the bed! I was in heaven with all the blankets off. giggle

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